CV. Surya timur is a well-known and reputable producer, processor and exporter of Indonesian natural products such as gum rosin, gum copal and gum turpentine oil. We has its own plantations in Sulewesi and Sumatra, Indonesia where we collect oleo pine resin, which is our main raw material, for gum rosin and gum terpentin oil All of our products go through a rigorous quality inspection and quality control process to ensure only the highest quality products come out of our factory. Has been checked by an independent third party company is also implemented and welcomed. As we process the product directly without an intermediate layer and we work with an efficient process, the price is also one of the lowest on the market while maintaining high quality.


Jl.Kh. Sidik No 15 Pekalongan Selatan 51133
0285424263 (KANTOR )